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Our Working Documents

This page collects working documents: software packages that are more documentation with code inside than code with associated documentation.

They are related to various hardware platforms; some are user-space related, some are kernel related, and some deal with microcontrollers with no Linux at all (although the GNU tools are used to build the code)
Name (link to pdf) Platform Year Summary Package Pages HTML git url
thos Cortex-M3, ARM-7, Arduino 2013 Two Hour Operating System: writing an OS from scratch. It can be re-written live in a lesson of two hours. Now ported to Arduino as well. thos-v2013-01.tar.gz 24 thos.html git://gnudd.com/thos.git
smallsample generic 2011 Example modules for Linux-2.6. It supports all versions since 2.6.20 up to the release name of the package smallsample-2.6.37.tar.gz 12 smallsample.html git://gnudd.com/smallsample.git
cortex-m3 ARM (standalone) 2014 Getting started with the LPC-1343 using GNU tools cortex-m3-v2014-01-03.tar.gz 11 cortex-m3.html git://gnudd.com/cortex-m3.git
all-kernels x86 (qemu/kvm) 2013 Running a herd of qemu or kvm, one per kernel version all-kernels-2013-12.tar.gz 9 all-kernels.html git://gnudd.com/all-kernels.git
com-1274 x86 2011 Running the Eurotech/Parvus com-1274 board on 2.6.24 and 2.6.36. com-1274-release-2011-02.tar.gz 9 com1274.html git://gnudd.com/com-1274.git
bbfs generic 2009 How to build a busybox root filesystem (a minimal embedded distro). bbfs-1.3.tar.gz 9 bbfs.html --
at91sam9263ek-nor ARM 2007 How to boot from NOR the Atmel 9263 Evaluation Board. at91sam9263ek-nor-1.00.tar.gz 24 at91sam9263ek-nor.html --
olet x86 2003 Collection of notes about porting the EtLinux embedded system onto the Olympus device (a x86 single-board computer), booting from a disk-on-module and running on TMPFS. olet-1.02.tar.gz 24 olet.shtml --
qnet ColdFire 2003 Porting the Linux kernel to the Qnet device, based on the ColdFire 5407 processor and built by Qubica qnet-0.03.tar.gz 11 qnet.shtml --
assabet ARM 2003 A document that describes how to install a linux system (specifically, the EtLinux distribution) on the assabet StrongARM development platform. assabet-1.01.tar.gz 13 assabet.shtml --
btweb ARM 2004 A 2.4 kernel port to a custom StrongArm device, including drivers for I2C devices and other custom tweaks; some initial 2.6 patches are included. You also will get a copy if you buy the device, with all source code and all relevant rights according to the GNU GPL. btweb-0.80.tar.gz 22 btweb.shtml --