A philosophical GNU  

Who We Are

Alessandro Rubini

Image of Alessandro Rubini Alessandro Rubini
Programmer and Consultant, Free Software Specialist
Corso Carlo Alberto 38 - 27100 Pavia - Italy

Alessandro has several years of experience with writing device drivers for embedded system over various platforms, as well as X11 input devices such as touch screens.

Davide Ciminaghi

Image of Jimbo

Davide Ciminaghi
IT Consultant for embedded systems

Davide Ciminaghi is an IT consultant with some years of experience in embedded systems with tight constraints in terms of hardware resources.

Francesco Chiechi

Image of Francesco Chiechi Francesco Chiechi
Programmer and IT consultant
via Tesio, 7 - 20151 Milano - Italy
chiechi AT gnudd.com

Francesco has experience at various levels with software libre, and is happy working on embedded machines. He has worked in collaboration with Alessandro on a few projects on MIPS and ARM.

Aurelio Colosimo

Image of Aurelio Colosimo

Aurelio Colosimo
IT Consultant for embedded systems

Aurelio Colosimo is a freelance consultant with some years of experience in embedded systems in various fields of application.

Federico Vaga

Image of Federico Vaga Federico Vaga
IT Consultant and Programmer
Via Nazionale 96, Stradella (PV), - Italy

Rodolfo Giometti

Image of Rodolfo Giometti

Rodolfo Giometti
Programmer, Consultant and Software Libre Evangelist
Via di Colognora 44/a - 55061 Colognora di Compito (Lucca) - Italy

Rodolfo is a C programmer specialized in Industrial Automation. He writes software for remote control in productive environments, as well as drivers and tools needed to directly interface with manufacturing hardware.