A philosophical GNU  

Technologies we master

The Linux kernel

We have extensive knowledge of the internals of the Linux kernel, for various hardware platforms. We can help you porting a specific version of the kernel to your reference board or tune it to your specific needs. Our knowledge of the Linux kernel ranges from the earliest to the latest, development versions, and we can help you porting your kernel level software from a version of the Linux kernel to another one.

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We have worked extensively with the Real Time Application Interface for Linux (RTAI), written at the Aerospace Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Milano.

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We contribute regularly to the SAMBA project, whose goal is to provide a free alternative to Windows-based file servers. Simo Sorce is an official Samba Developer and long-time contributor to the project.

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GNU/Linux Distributions

A "Linux distribution" is a set of programs, all bundled together in a coherent way, based on the Linux kernel. We have a deep expertise with the following distributions, and can deliver customization, installation and consulting services on them:

  • Debian GNU/Linux is the largest distribution as of today. Run by a growing number of volunteers, its strength relies on the vast number of hardware platforms it officially supports (10 at the time of this writing), the strict preference for free software, and the open-for-all development process. Andrea Glorioso is an official Debian Developer.

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  • ETLinux. Etlinux is designed to run on very small embedded systems: it has been designed to be small, modular, flexible and complete. It is a good choice when you have to comply with reduced memory and disk footprint, but its reliance on a full-fledged 32-bit Unix operating system guarantees both for its stability and for a complete API which eases software porting.

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